AAS 239 Press Conference: Exoplanets & Their Atmospheres

Video • January 13th, 2022 • ssc2022-01b

Thursday, 13 January 2022, 10:15 am MST
Exoplanets & Their Atmospheres

Macy Huston (Astrobites Media Intern)

Revealing the Stormy, Turbulent Nature of Giant Exoplanet Analogs
Johanna Vos (American Museum of Natural History)

Observing Seasons on a Migrating Giant Exoplanet with the Retired Spitzer Space Telescope
Lisa Dang (McGill University)

The Hottest Jupiters Orbiting Evolved Stars
Samuel Grunblatt (American Museum of Natural History / Flatiron Institute)

A Mirage or an Oasis? A Tentative Detection of Water Vapor in an Exoplanet Atmosphere
Jonathan Brande & Ian Crossfield (University of Kansas)

Discovery of Debris Disks in Kepler Habitable Small Planet Candidates
Jian Ge (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences); Amanda Hao (Aragon High School), Justin Hou (Henry M. Gunn High School) & Kevin Willis (Science Talent Training Center)

Susanna Kohler (AAS Press Officer)