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When NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope spied these nebulae, they seemed to look right back at us! Do you see creepy eyes watching us from space?

Nebula is Latin for “cloud,” and just like with Earth’s atmospheric clouds, we can see all sorts of interesting faces and shapes in this Spitzer infrared image of these Milky Way nebulae. What mysterious creature do you think lurks in the dust and gas? Try this whimsical Halloween drawing app and show us!


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NASA Selfies

Create your own selfies from outer space! NASA Selfies lets you put your photo in a virtual spacesuit in front of some of NASA's most captivating space images. Share these space selfies on social media, and learn about the science behind the pictures.

This app was developed by the IPAC Communications & Education group and has been released in conjunction with the 15th anniversary of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope mission and features a collection of images that showcase its infrared data. In the future, images from more missions will be added.

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