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Experience Exoplanets and Spitzer “in Person” through the Power of VR!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually fly through a system of exoplanets orbiting a distant star, or float next to a space telescope as it studies the universe?

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Represent your love of space, with Spitzer posters, wallpapers, video conference backgrounds and applications.


Build your own Spitzer Space Telescope out of paper, legos or 3D computer models.

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Browse Spitzer images inside of AAS World Wide Telescope and Google Sky. Pan, zoom and change the opacity of the images to see how Spitzer's infrared images stack up to the visible light equivalents. You can even take virtual tours around the cosmos!

Cool cosmos

Educational resources highlighting the science of light and infrared astronomy. This site includes fun games, images, lesson plans, and much more!

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A new way to share the universe, browse astronomical images from different missions around the world. Explore Spitzer's collection or any image with infrared data.