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Bok Globule containing HH 46/47
Ssc2003 06f2

Credit: Digitized Sky Survey

Observation • December 18th, 2003 • ssc2003-06f2


Visible light view of a dark cloud (known as a 'Bok globule') which is illuminated by the nearby Gum Nebula. Located at a distance of 1140 light-years and found in the constellation Vela, this cloud contains the protostar HH46/47 which hidden from view in this visible-light image.

About the Object

HH 46/47Herbig-Haro 46/47
Nebula > Appearance > Dark > Bok Globule
1,140 Light Years

Color Mapping

Band Wavelength Telescope
Optical 440 nm DSS
Optical 700 nm DSS


Position ()
RA =9h 55m 6.6s
Dec = 69° 13' 38.2"
Field of View
23.5 x 17.8 arcminutes
North is 91.2° right of vertical