Galaxy Merger Arp 302
Ssc2019 03c

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Observation • February 27th, 2019 • ssc2019-03c


This image shows two merging galaxies known as Arp 302, also called VV 340. In these images, different colors correspond to different wavelengths of infrared light. Blue and green are wavelengths both strongly emitted by stars. Red is a wavelength mostly emitted by dust.

About the Object

Arp 302VV 340Exclamation Point Galaxy
Galaxy > Type > Spiral
Galaxy > Type > Interacting
450,000,000 Light Years

Color Mapping

Band Wavelength Telescope
Infrared 3.6 µm Spitzer IRAC
Infrared 4.5 µm Spitzer IRAC
Infrared 8.0 µm Spitzer IRAC


Position ()
RA =14h 57m 0.4s
Dec = 24° 37' 8.1"
Field of View
3.9 x 3.9 arcminutes
North is 53.9° left of vertical