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Cosmic Sparklers
Sig15 010


Observation • July 2nd, 2015 • sig15-010


This new composite image of stellar cluster NGC 1333 combines X-rays from NASAs Chandra X-ray Observatory (pink); infrared data from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope (red); and optical data from the Digitized Sky Survey and the National Optical Astronomical Observatories Mayall 4-meter telescope on Kitt Peak near Tucson, Arizona.

About the Object


Color Mapping

Band Wavelength Telescope
X-ray 1.5 keV Chandra ACIS
Optical 443 nm DSS DSS2B
Optical 660 nm DSS DSS2R
Optical 656 nm NOAO
Infrared 4.5 ┬Ám Spitzer IRAC


Position (J2000)
RA =3h 29m 2.0s
Dec = 31° 20' 54.6"
Field of View
18.0 x 18.0 arcminutes
North is up