A Disk Around a Massive Baby Star
Sig10 012

Credit: ESO/L. Calada

Artwork • July 14th, 2010 • sig10-012


Astronomers have obtained the first clear look at a dusty disk closely encircling a massive baby star, providing direct evidence that massive stars do form in the same way as their smaller brethren - and closing an enduring debate. This artist's concept shows what such a massive disk might look like.

The flared disk extends to about 130 times the Earth-sun distance, and has a mass similar to that of the star, roughly twenty times the sun. The inner parts of the disk are shown to be devoid of dust.

About the Object

Star > Circumstellar Material > Disk > Protoplanetary
Star > Spectral Type > O
Star > Circumstellar Material > Outflow