Old and New Fellows Meet at a Spitzer Science Center Symposium
Written by Linda Vu
Spitzer Science Center

Old and new participants of the Spitzer Space Telescope Fellowship program will meet at the Spitzer Science Center on April 10 and 11, 2006, for a symposium that will address astronomical topics ranging from cosmic dust to a species of "failed stars," known as brown dwarfs.

Every year, a handful of recent PhDs from across the globe are selected to participate in the fellowship program. The program funds participants to focus solely on their Spitzer-related research interests for three years. They also have access to Spitzer Science Center resources and the option to work at a world-class US-based institution of their choice. The first group of fellows was selected in 2002.

For more information on the Spitzer Space Telescope Fellowship program see the 2006 Spitzer Fellows announcement or the Spitzer astronomers' information page.