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A New Face for Spitzer!
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By Robert Hurt | June 16th, 2010

So have you noticed something different about Spitzer today? If you frequent our website you might notice something, well, drastically different this week. After many months of work we have rolled out the new and improved Spitzer website, and we hope you enjoy exploring everything we have to offer!

While we have carried over all the same content from before, there is a lot of new functionality. We have reorganized the content a bit, placing it into sections we hope you will find more intuitive. Click on a main tab to get to its landing page, or use the drop-down menu to jump straight to the content you want.

All of the associated resources for news and feature articles, including the text, images, and animations, are neatly laid out on the right sidebar to help you get to what you are looking for faster. Search options are more powerful and you can quickly look for matching assets sorted by type (Image, Video, News, etc.).

We've even added a site blog, but if you're reading this you've already figured that out.

On image pages we are including a lot more information, including object names, subjects, distances, and how the different observations are mapped into colors. It should also be faster to find unannotated "clean" versions of images by looking under the "Image Components" sidebar. You can even filter your image search results by type and subject using the sidebar panel.

Now you can watch videos and podcasts inline on the webpage in addition to downloading them, and we have gone back through the entire Spitzer science video archive and re-encoded everything using modern formats and at higher quality. Look for even more HD content than ever before as well. It's easy to subscribe to our podcasts and other videos with one-click links too.

Do you see something you want to show your friends? Look for the "Share This" link on all the pages for quick access to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

However, if you do need to access the original website for some reason (maybe you're just sentimental), you can do that too. It has been archived at legacy.spitzer.caltech.edu.

That should be enough to get you started, but there are even more cool changes on the site that we will talk more about in future blogs. Until then, happy exploring!