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Interacting Galaxy Pair Arp 65

High resolution images from NASA's Spitzer infrared telescope and GALEX ultraviolet telescope show the difference in the distribution of young and old stars in the Arp 65 pair of interacting galaxies. In the short-wavelength infrared at 3.6 microns (first image), cool old stars are bright, so the beautiful grand design spiral patterns in the old stellar disks are visible. In contrast, at longer infrared wavelengths, at 8 microns, bright clumps of young stars are detected (second image). The difference in distribution between the old and young stellar populations is clear in the third image, where the 3.6 micron (blue) and 8.0 micron (red) images are combined. This clumpy structure is also present in the ultraviolet, as revealed in the GALEX ultraviolet images (fourth image, with near-ultraviolet in yellow and far-ultraviolet in blue).

These images were presented at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 30, 2005.