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Making Music from Exoplanets 02.22.17 - I am one of the artists that develops education & public outreach multimedia for NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. Whenever Spitzer data contributes to an exciting new discovery, we look for the best ways to explain it to the general public. Sometimes that means creating a public-friendly diagram from the data. Other times it might mean producing an artist concept that illustrates the discovery. Or a video explaining the scientific process behind it.

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Build your own Spitzer Space Telescope out of paper, legos or 3D computer models.


A new way to share the universe, browse astronomical images from different missions around the world. Explore Spitzer's collection or any image with infrared data.

Cool Cosmos

Educational resources highlighting the science of light and infrared astronomy. This site includes fun games, images, lesson plans, and much more!

Virtual Telescopes

Browse Spitzer images inside of Google Sky and Microsoft's World Wide Telescope. Pan, zoom and change the opacity of the images to see how Spitzer's infrared images stack up to the visible light equivalents. You can even take virtual tours around the cosmos!