GLIMPSE360: Spitzer's Infrared Milky Way

Download Large Format GLIMPSE 360 Data


Download the full resolution poster file for printing.

Planetarium Systems

These files assemble the GLIMPSE360 image in a single all-sky equirectangular projection. The resolution is vastly reduced from the native image scale, but the files should be easily incorporated into any software that renders a spherical sky dome from a single image.

The images are in galactic equirectangular coordinates centered at l, b = 0, 0. The files have an embedded alpha channel to facilitate compositing the GLIMPSE360 survey against other all-sky datasets.

Raw Data Files

The raw data files are very big. These images will not display properly in a browser, its best to right click and 'save link as' when downloading.

These source files each span 45 x 10 degrees and are in galactic coordinates using an equirectangular projection. They are all centered on galactic latitude of 0, and the final digits in the file names indicate the center galactic longitude of each tile.