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Seeing the First Light

Astronomers peering deeply into the cosmos think they have found something remarkable... the light from the first objects to form after the universe was born!

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The Milky Way Big Picture (Showcase)

Two and a half billion infrared pixels are exposing our own Galaxy in this new image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telesc...

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Snowflake Cluster (Gallery Explorer)

A group of baby stars form a "stellar snowflake" in Spitzer's observations of a dusty region near the Cone Nebula.

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Echoes of a Supernova (Showcase)

A supernova flash echoing through surrounding dust clouds has given astronomers a virtual time machine for studying t...

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Protostellar Jets (Gallery Explorer)

Giant jets from baby stars blow colorful bubbles in interstellar space. Spitzer's infrared view reveals these structu...

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Promo: IRrelevant Astronomy

IRrelevant Astronomy takes a lighthearted, comedic look at the infrared Universe. Enjoy this peek at the Spitzer Spac...

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Rho Ophiuchi Cloud (Gallery Explorer)

One of the most striking nearby star-forming regions is the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud. New images from Spitzer reveal its in...

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The X-Planets (Showcase)

These two extreme planets have set the records for the hottest and windiest known worlds anywhere.

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Galaxies (Gallery Explorer)

Galaxies take on striking new colors and structures when viewed by the infrared eye of the Spitzer Space Telescope.

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Trilogy of Terror (Showcase)

For Halloween, a trilogy of spooky star-forming regions tell a haunting tale of the lives and deaths of stars.

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Mira, A Real Shooting Star (Showcase)

The star Mira has kept a stunning secret that scientists have only just discovered in the glow of ultraviolet light.

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Helix Nebula (Gallery Explorer)

The eerie Helix nebula, created from the outer layers of a dying star once like our own, reveals secrets to the Spitz...

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Eta Carinae (Gallery Explorer)

The beautiful Carina nebula, stretching 200 light years across space, has been shredded by ultraviolet radiation and ...

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Special: M51 & Gizmo

What makes the Earth livable? In this animated cartoon, innocent alien M51 moves the Earth into a closer orbit around...

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Galactic Center (Gallery Explorer)

The fantastic structures at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, hidden from us in visible light, are revealed through...

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Andromeda, Beauty and the Beast (Showcase)

In Greek Mythology, the Princess Andromeda was sacrificed to appease a sea monster's appetite. But astronomers are le...

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Large Magellanic Cloud (Gallery Explorer)

The Large Magellanic Cloud, a dwarf galaxy that orbits the Milky Way, is revealed in exquisite detail in this video f...

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Pillars of Destruction

They're known as the Pillars of Creation, but according to recent Spitzer observations these ghostly apparitions have...

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Seeing the First Light

Astronomers peering deeply into the cosmos think they have found something remarkable... the light from the first obj...

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Night and Day on an Alien World

It's as clear as day and night... but on an exotic alien world! Astronomers have for the first time measured the temp...

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A Stellar Census of the Sword of Orion

New images of the Orion Nebula show thousands of nascent solar systems.

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