Spitzer's 15th Anniversary

15 Years of Stunning Images & Transformational Science

What —or who— is behind the beautiful Spitzer images in the NASA Selfie App

During its 15 years in space, NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has captured mesmerizing images of the cosmos. Its infrared capabilities have permitted astronomers to pierce through the dust and capture unprecedented and captivating views of stars being born, as well as of some of the most remote galaxies in our universe. Many of the images are simply stunning. At the same time however, they also allow us to better understand the ongoing physics of star formation to the expansion of the universe.

In the NASA Selfie App, released for the 15th anniversary of Spitzer in space, 30 outstandingly beautiful images — taken by the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope, of course — were chosen as backdrops for your "selfies in space." Every image however, is not just showing us a pretty, colorful part of the cosmos. Every image is the result of a challenging scientific study, rigorously prepared and carefully carried out in a detailed analysis, sometimes over years.

This hard work and dedication that scientists invest can sometimes hardly be appreciated.

With the new NASA Selfie App, we hope that the science behind the beautiful images will also fascinate you!

Here, apart from the science, we want to highlight the authors of the images: the lead scientists and their teams, without whom we would not be able to marvel at these particular parts of the cosmos and understand it so much better.

Thank you all for contributing to our knowledge about the universe we live in. And thanks for sharing your Spitzer images with us through the NASA Selfie App, along with a personal note.

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