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Discovering Our Universe from the Classroom

How many high school teachers and kids can say that they have presented their astronomy research alongside profession... read blog post


From IRAS to Spitzer and Beyond: 30 years of Space-Based Infrared Astronomy

This talk on "From IRAS to Spitzer and Beyond: 30 Years of Space-Based Infrared Astronomy" was given as part of the p... read blog post

Default Spitzer Space Telescope graphic.


Not a Politician; Not a Carbonated Beverage

Most blog readers are no doubt familiar with the world of space telescopes. But have you ever gone to your friends an... read blog post


NITARP - Summer 2013

I can't believe that my NITARP summer trip is done, but it was SO much fun. I'm exhausted, but I don't think I've eve... read blog post


NITARP updates!

If you keep up with my blog, you know that one of my projects this year is NITARP, the NASA/IPAC teacher archive rese... read blog post


Bringing Astronomy to Kids in Crisis

Here at Spitzer, we’ve just spent a fabulous 8 weeks working with Learning Works, a local school for youth in crisis,... read blog post


Our Proposal is Written, Now the Research Begins!

I've come to the realization (for the second school year in a row) that blogging during the school year is near impos... read blog post


My Visit to AAS with NITARP

I very excitedly registered for the AAS meeting, booked a hotel and worked with the JPL staff to book my flights. I s... read blog post


NITARP 2013 Class of Educators

Today, we are announcing the class of 2013 NITARP educators. We partner professional scientists with (primarily) high... read blog post


Happy 9th Birthday, Spitzer!

Tonight at 10:35 PM PDT NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope turns nine... measured from the moment it lifted from the laun... read blog post


NITARP for 2013 - Come Play With Us!

NITARP has a new 3-minute video! read blog post


There's a Little Black Spot on the Sun Today!

Right now people at the Spitzer Space Telescope are taking a break from the usual day of astronomy to witness a fleet... read blog post


The Case of the Missing Planet

Sometimes not seeing something can be as scientifically important a result as seeing it. Consider the case of the exo... read blog post


History of Space Photography Exhibit in Pasadena

Photography has, since its inception, been a staple of the art world. But the artistic significance of astronomical i... read blog post


The Art Behind the Astro Pictures: Lecture Online

If you've ever been curious how one goes from datasets taken by Spitzer and other telescopes to the colorful imagery ... read blog post


Telescopes on Land and in Space Work Together for the Holidays!

Sometimes you get a project so big that one telescope just isn't enough. December is the month that a small army of t... read blog post


11-11-11: At 3000 and Counting!

On this binary day of 11/11/11, NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has reached another numerical milepost, it's 3,000th d... read blog post


NITARP 2012 Class of Educators

NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program is an effective and inspiring way to get authentic research experiences in... read blog post


See Spitzer at the Smithsonian!

If you find yourself in the Washington DC, why not take a trip to see "The Evolving Universe" at the Smithsonian Natu... read blog post


All in the Family

I have had the privilege of working on Spitzer since 1977 and have been Project Scientist since 1984, back in the day... read blog post


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