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Help Investigate Spitzer's Milky Way!

Today the Milky Way Project website has gone live, giving everyone a chance to become galaxy explorers from the comfo... read blog post


Remembrance of Things Past

There are many things I remember from late 2003 and early 2004. I remember on December 25, 2003 I was in my office a... read blog post


Universe Expanding

Here in Pasadena the Spitzer conference has effortlessly expanded into the local and more distant universe, powered b... read blog post


My First (Galaxy) Relationship

They say your first relationship will always stay with you, and I think it is as true of galaxies as it is of people.... read blog post


Become a Photojournalist of the Milky Way!

Over the years, NASA has released a lot of beautiful space images. Sometimes they're even given cute names based on w... read blog post


Teasing Apart Galaxy Collisions

Astronomers are picking through the wreckage of galactic collisions to better understand the destruction, and the cre... read blog post


The Story of Star Formation

Some of Spitzer's most dramatic images are of star formation. Indeed, these gorgeous images are mesmerizing, at least... read blog post


Don’t Sneeze On Spitzer! Matthew Ashby remembers his first time meeting the telescope

Thinking back on it now, so close to the end of Spitzer's mission, it would be pretty hard to understate the impact i... read blog post


Two Decades of 'Growing Up' with Spitzer

As Spitzer is on its "Final Voyage", training its infrared eye on the sky for the final nine months of its mission, I... read blog post


Long Live Spitzer!

As a graduate student at the turn of the millennium, I will never forget a particular moment that caused my whole bei... read blog post


Spitzer's Final Voyage

On January 30, 2020, NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope will transmit the final science and engineering data to mission c... read blog post


Happy 9th Birthday, Spitzer!

Tonight at 10:35 PM PDT NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope turns nine... measured from the moment it lifted from the laun... read blog post


NASA Spacescapes on your Desktop

Today Microsoft, in collaboration with the Spitzer team, has released a new "NASA Spacescapes" Windows theme that fea... read blog post


2040100 per page

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