A Phone Call that Changed My Life

01.23.20 Posted by Bill Green | 0 Comments

In July of 1997, as Manager of the Science Data Processing Systems Section at JPL, I was having the time of my life managing the processing of the first images and data from the Mars Pathfinder mission while meeting the challenges of all the other JPL projects we were supporting.

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Rime of the Ancient Astronomer: Dr. Deborah Levine Waxes Poetic With a Spitzer Tale in Verse

01.14.20 Posted by Deborah Levine | 0 Comments

I leapt from "Superfriend" to Ph.D., then learned Science Operations in Spain, on ISO. 'Til George and SIRTF lured me back to apply the knowledge I had gained ...

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Spitzer's Safe Space: Commanding A Telescope Millions of Miles Away

01.06.20 Posted by Joey Jefferson | 0 Comments

The best way for me to express my time at Spitzer can be wrapped up in one word: family. Spitzer was the first project I ever worked for. From the first day, there was an ease of meeting the team members and witnessing their diligence in supporting their spacecraft. The care they had for each other was immediately apparent.

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Bitten by the Spitzer Bug: Covering Spitzer News Is The Coolest Job in LA

12.16.19 Posted by Whitney Clavin | 0 Comments

About 16 years ago I was ecstatic to hear I got the job as a science communicator at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, with the specific task of covering the upcoming launch of the Spitzer Space Telescope. My background was not in space, but biochemistry.

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Three Months of Checkout, A Lifetime of Memories

12.02.19 Posted by Mark Lacy | 0 Comments

Spitzer was my job for seven years, and has been an important part of my research for much longer. I even met my wife through Spitzer, though that is another story.

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Space Was Her Second Act: As Spitzer Takes Its Final Bow, Astronomer and Actress Aomawa Shields Thanks Spitzer For Her Big Break.

10.23.19 Posted by Aomawa L. Shields | 0 Comments

I am thinking of the Spitzer Space Telescope, and about the job I got as Helpdesk Operator in 2005. That job was meant for me. I know because I found out about the website on which it was posted the same day it was posted after reaching out to an old research advisor, even though I had left the field of astronomy a billion years ago.

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Don’t Sneeze On Spitzer! Matthew Ashby remembers his first time meeting the telescope

09.18.19 Posted by Matt Ashby | 0 Comments

Thinking back on it now, so close to the end of Spitzer's mission, it would be pretty hard to understate the impact it's had on my life. Spitzer influenced me as a graduate student, as a member of the Spitzer team, and as a scientist.

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