Two Decades of 'Growing Up' with Spitzer

06.12.19 Posted by Elise Furlan | 0 Comments

As Spitzer is on its "Final Voyage", training its infrared eye on the sky for the final nine months of its mission, I am a bit sad, but at the same time proud and upbeat that I have been connected to this mission for most of my career in astronomy. And besides my career, Spitzer also played a role in my personal life... So, one could say that, for the last two decades, Spitzer has been meshed into the fabric of my life.

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Long Live Spitzer!

05.29.19 Posted by Jay Farihi | 0 Comments

As a graduate student at the turn of the millennium, I will never forget a particular moment that caused my whole being to yell 'Stop the press!'. It changed the course of my career and led to a long-term love affair with NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope.

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Spitzer's Final Voyage

05.14.19 Posted by Lisa Storrie-Lombardi | 0 Comments

On January 30, 2020, NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope will transmit the final science and engineering data to mission control and then be commanded off, ending its amazing and surprising mission. But even after Spitzer ceases transmissions, scientists will continue making discoveries from its 16 years of data for decades to come.

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